2-Week Genesis Academy Summer Institute in Chicago

Genesis at the Crossroads, (GATC) uses the arts and education as a vehicle for peace-building, creating and implementing innovative performance, educational and humanitarian programs worldwide.

Genesis at the Crossroads is currently accepting applications from high school students to participate in the two-week long Genesis Academy Summer Institute in Chicago, USA. From 24 July – 7 August 2016, a group of 20 international students will participate in an intensive program focused in the areas of:

  • Music and Peacebuilding;
  • Heroes and Human Rights;
  • Environmental Sustainability;
  • Peace Journalism.

Predicated on experiential learning, social entrepreneurship, creative self-actualization, leadership, visionary initiative, innovation, independent and critical thought, students will have the chance to engage in with one another, educators and professionals from the United States, and local and international organizations.

High school students between the ages of 15-19, coming from Bosnia, Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Rwanda and the United States.

All travel expenses including room and board and medical insurance will be furnished by Genesis at the Crossroads along with Scholarship Sponsors, with the exception of costs incurred for passport/visa fees and the requisite USD 400 student/applicant fee.

For more information about the program and how to apply, please see the application form.

Dr. Wendy Sternberg at wendystenberg@gatc.org.

For more information please check the official call.