U sklopu BOLD programa Ambasade SAD-a nude se prilike u tri oblasti za novinarstvo i medije, civilni angažman ili ekonomski razvoj. Rokovi su sve bliži i zato požurite sa prijavama za ove sjajne prilike.

As this new year begins we want to remind you about three upcoming BOLD Academic Fellowship deadlines that you won’t want to miss if you are age 18-25.  All the information can be found at

First a NEW Fellowship opportunity!

  • Midnight on February 2, 2020:  The BOLD/SUSI Institute on Journalism and Media – a 5-week intensive program in Washington State for up-and-coming journalists and people who want to positively impact the public discourse.  Apply here.

And deadlines for the two Academic Fellowships we announced a the launch:

  • Midnight on January 31, 2020:The BOLD Institute on Civic Engagement – a 5-week program on community engagement and strengthening at the University of Nebraska, in Omaha.  Apply here.
  • Midnight on January 31, 2020: The BOLD Institute on Economic Development – a 5-week program of in-depth entrepreneurship training and development of hands-on leadership skills in New York State with the Network 20/20 organization. Apply here.